Our low-rised BoxerBrief, design 04

Our first product we introduced was the low-rised boxer brief. Underwear that is comfortable and looks great on a body that is in shape.

Seams and elastic bands are easiest made straight, but we do not know of a single line on your body that is straight. Therefore our low-rised BoxerBrief features an elastic band that follows the curves of the lower abs, making the results of your endless ab-workout stand out. The seams on our BoxerBrief are not straight either, but rather curve with the natural shape of your body. This not only looks great, but is also much more comfortable. Specifically the lower position of the elastic band in the front makes wearing our BoxerBrief more comfortable, especially during workout.

Of course our low-rised boxer brief uses our “Full Elastane” cotton fabric and the flat end-to-end elastic band seam.

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