Flat end-to-end seam

We go through great length to make sure our garments are as comfortable as possible. Therefore we apply a special seam to close the elastic band on our underwear. This requires a very special machine, but it allows us to connect the elastic band with a strong and very flat seam. This looks better and is more comfortable.

The cheapest alternative solution is to overlap the elastic band and connect it with a double seam. This is cheap because production is fast and it does not require a special machine, but it is uncomfortable and it looks awful. A solution that is also often applied is the double fold seam. It is applied because it is the easiest way to make a strong seam that looks good. It requires a special machine, but since this kind of machine can be used for many other seams it is relatively cheap. It is a strong seam that looks good, but it is quite thick and therefore uncomfortable.

Our solution is a flat end-to-end seam. Making a flat seam as such is not rocket science, but making one that is strong enough for application on elastic band is. Therefore it requires a special machine that can only make flat end-to-end seams for elastic bands.

Full Elastane

When considering comfort, we choose not to use synthetic high-performance materials, but first-class natural cotton. To give it the elasticity we need, we apply a minimum amount of Elastane, but we make sure it is distributed absolutely evenly in our cotton fabrics. We call this “Full Elastane”. Many Elastane fabrics do not have such an careful and even distribution which results in a fabric that feels synthetic in some places and also in a (locally) sloppy fabric after a few washes. Our “Full Elastane” fabrics do not have these problems and are therefore both comfortable and durable.

Xtra Long Design

Our signature product is the first we introduced: the low-rised boxer brief, design04. Its characteristic low cut design with a lower front position of the elastic band looks great on a well-trained body and provides a more comfortable fit, especially during workout.

We make our t shirts and tops are extra long to match this low-rised design. And of course, all our shirts and tops are tight fit, so they won’t look sloppy.

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