Get Your Plank On! 17 Plank Workouts

Get Your Plank On! 17 Plank Workouts

Why do 1,000 crunches a day when you can get better results strengthening your core by planking?

In the month of April we challenged you to plank every single day and share your progress by using the #FFAprilAbs hashtag. We’ve seen some incredible planking times and variations on Instagram and Twitter like @Angelicas_Fitness 5 minute plank and Sinnovart’s Plank Punches. Lucky for you, you’ve got one day left to join in the fun and get your plank on!

We’ve pulled together some of our favorite planking workouts and exercises from the FitFluential Ambassadors to give you different planking ideas.


Photo Credit: Stuft Mama

Ready, Set, Plank!

  1. Pre-Run Ab Workout via Run, Eat, Repeat
  2. 15 Essential Plank Variations via Fit Betty
  3. The Wrong and Right Way to Plank via Fun and Fit
  4. Rotating Side Planks- Abs Away via Fun and Fit
  5. 3 Advanced Plank Exercises via Fun and Fit
  6. Core Strength for Runners Workout via Happy Fit Mama
  7. 3 Minute Plank Workout via Fit Foodie Finds
  8. Power Plank Workout via FitFluential
  9. Interval Planks via Fun and Fit
  10. Improve Your Plank Workout via Fit2Flex
  11. Core and Burpees Workout via The Workout Mama
  12. 16 Minute Planks Core Cardio Workout via Purely Twins
  13. Bedroom Towel Workout via Purely Twins
  14. 12 Minutes of Rock Solid Abs via Purely Twins
  15. Workin’ the Plank via Live from La Quinta
  16. Injury-Free Plank Routines via Got 2 Run 4 Me
  17. More for Your Core via Happy Fit Mama

Download our Plank-It-Up Playlist to keep you motivated during your planking sweat session.




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